eHealth Sustainability Report


At eHealth, corporate responsibility begins with our mission of connecting everyone with quality, affordable health insurance, including Medicare related health insurance. I am inspired by the work we are doing from an environmental, social, and governance perspective. Our commitment to serving as a responsible corporate citizen means we are working to shape our company, our communities, and our world for the better.

As an industry leader, eHealth was built on the idea that technology could improve the lives of consumers when buying health insurance. Since our inception, we have leveraged technology to provide a seamless customer experience for millions of people, while simultaneously paving the way for an entire industry to move toward a more sustainable approach to health insurance distribution and enrollment. 

In 2020, as we watched the COVID-19 pandemic disrupt both the global economy and the world’s social infrastructure, we also saw a meaningful shift to digital first in the healthcare industry. eHealth’s technology foundation and omni-channel consumer engagement platform allowed us to address the pandemic’s challenges head-on by enabling seniors to research and enroll in Medicare plans from the safety of their homes. Thankfully, 2021 has brought with it the reality and promise of science, and we are starting to see widespread vaccination have a positive impact on our customer base and the population as a whole.

Last year, eHealth made progress in several areas as we move toward a more sustainable business. 

  • We launched a corporate sustainability program, committing to greater environmental stewardship and rolling out efforts to further strengthen connections with our own employees and communities. 
  • We completed a materiality assessment, an effort that included reaching out to our key stakeholders — including customers, employees, and partners — and were pleased to have received over 2,000 responses. 
  • We implemented systems to help us better understand and quantify our environmental impact, including greenhouse gas emissions, and we made a commitment to purchase offsets for our carbon footprint in 2021
  • We adopted eHealth’s Global Human Rights Policy and our Vendor Code of Conduct. 
  • We updated our Corporate Investment Policy to emphasize investments in companies with strong environmental, social, and corporate governance practices in place.
  • We enhanced our diversity and inclusion programs with the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee. 
  • We stayed in close touch with our employees through regular town hall meetings, executive communications, and engagement surveys. We also established Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that we believe will help us better engage our employees on diversity issues and connect with our communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. 
  • We took steps to increase employee equity ownership by launching an Employee Stock Purchase Plan to supplement equity-based compensation. 

We are dedicated to building a winning culture that attracts high-performing individuals and retains those who want to make a difference societally and environmentally for all stakeholders. In the report that follows, you will discover how eHealth is making a difference in the lives of consumers, for our associates, partners and shareholders, and society. I’m proud to share our inaugural Sustainability Report.

-Scott Flanders

eHealth Sustainability Report